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Chaos is a Greek "underground" coding group  devoted to the Amstrad CPC (for now?). Stands for Cpc Has (or Hates?) An Organized Scene or something.. It was founded in 1992 and will go on forever!

What the heck is a CPC?

Well, you shouldn't be here if you don't know! But anyway the Cpc is an 8-bit (Z80A based) home computer that appeared back in 1984 by Amstrad. It has been extremely successful in Europe (even here in Greece) but  from the '90s it just lives on relying to its devoted users that form a so-called "scene".

Almost by lack (?) we love the machine. You see, we programmed  a lot on it, pushed it to the limits, made new friends through it, had loads  of fun with it. In other words, felt the ultimate emotions of creativity  and success with it. Our aim was to meet other Greek freax -we partially  failed on this- in order to swap stuff and learn the machine in  depth, but we keep on.. No matter how old we are, it's our hobby -that's certain. Of course, we also like other computers too but Cpc is different!

It's amazing to meet modern-PC users who used to own a Cpc before.   Surprisingly, they will praise the old Cpc for its great games (U know, it's  the gameplay it counts -see Manic Miner, Gryzor, North & South etc.). They   were -most of them- introduced into the computers' world with it! Learned some  basics, typed huge listings from magazines, experienced the weird procedure of  tape loading, made their best computer-friends through Cpc.. Conversely, you  will find them most disappointed with their new Pentium machine. Due to a lot  of reasons (lame OS, necessary expensive upgrades etc.). A common point of  admiration for Cpc is the fact that it is quite self-sufficient and a stable  system for many many years (good for coders & companies so that they can   have time to explore & use the machine fully).

Not to say that the Cpc remained the same after nearly 14 years! Few   people I guess know that a plain Cpc can display 27 colors at 768x280  resolution using the whole screen (overscan), can achieve many hardware  scrollings in one screen, can play Amiga MODs (with true 8-bit samples), can  convert all kinds of files from PC, can use a 5.25" or 3.5" disc drive  easilly, can access up to 4592KB of memory (ROM+RAM). And there are more to  come, still! (IDE interfaces, other PC peripherals, complete ROM-based GUIs  etc).


So if YOU share the same feelings with us, contact us. We'll be glad to meet old & new Cpc freax throughout the world! Who knows, you might become our new member as well..




He is the leader and a mail trader. A true 8-bit fanatic, totally crazy and funny  fellow! Trying for ages to master assembly..


FG Brain

The founder  of Chaos (and the most stable and serious here!). He runs the Chaos CPC Club  and has coded various warez like Focus, C-Lab, Painting Fantasy and demos. A  coder mainly but also a promising musician, some say!



Perhaps  the weirdest guy on the scene. Went through many personal difficulties, left
and came back in the group some times! Hard to understand him I should add. However, he is known for cool demos, mail trading, nice fonts and strange-sounding tracks. Moreover, Catloc should be thanked for having  organized 2 Greek meetings and many other mini-meetings..

(Updated  news in 2004): I am deeply sorry to announce that sadly, our dear friend   Catloc passed away last August of 2003!! He will be remembered by all us, his  friends.. Have a nice trip up there Valantis!!



Another chaotic Z80 freak, interested mainly in public disorder, crazy hardware projects and  little coding. He also publishes the infamous Fanzine Of Club for his beloved  Speccy.



The most silent in our crew, he's the latest  member though. Not much to say yet but a mail trader mainly.

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